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Message from Group MD

Welcome to KKK Distributors (Pvt) Limited. Our Company is a unique mix of distributors of fiberglass raw materials in Sri Lanka, together with a strong team of employees.

Although KKK is still at a young stage in its business life, we are proud to say that we have come up to a stage where we stand tall in par with the giants in the fiberglass raw materials industry in Sri Lanka.

To Supply a quality product from carefully selected and renowned suppliers worldwide of the finest in fiberglass raw materials, to the Nation's entire industry of fiberglass products

Quality fiberglass raw materials products and dedication of our employees to our customers is our measure.
Mission Statement !
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          Quality Policy

  • To do things right the first time, by working as a company wide team in providing quality service to our customers.

  • To focus on the customers' needs, and then plan our actions accordingly to fulfill them.

  • To continuously improve our services to our customers.

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No. 362, Galle Road, Gorakana, Keselwatta, Panadura, Sri Lanka.
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